It has been thirty-seven years since the Big Boom blasted magic into the world of Harmonyca and nearly destroyed it. And it’s been almost two years since Zyk’s dad disappeared, for reasons unknown. The powerful institution of FAHLT says that Magic Is an Affliction and has strictly forbidden any association with magic or magical creatures. But, twelve-year-old Zyk has always wanted to learn more about magic, and especially about magical plants. He strongly feels that very little in the world is more interesting than TOMBs (Treacherous Obstructive and Malignant Botanicals). Just when his dream feels completely out of reach, events start befalling Zyk, one after another. Now he’s stuck in a magical settlement, in hiding from FAHLT knights. Is magic really an affliction? Are magical creatures truly evil? If so, why are they helping him? And will he ever be able to cure the curse he’s been hit with and go back home to his mother?